Artist statement


Lucinda "La Morena" Hinojos

My inspirations come from issues of oppression. Issues that take our human rights away. Rights that affect my community, my family, my friends and my neighbor. My paintings and murals provide awareness and healing. It gives hope and an essence of peace. My work comes from a place of intuition, I feel I am able to tap into a spiritual will for change that demands action. 

I was not raised in my culture. I grew up not knowing who I was culturally. My family was displaced, kicked out of a Barrio. Forced to move my family became Americanized. I may have not been raised Xicana and Native, but my culture has found me through my work and connects with me so deep that the energy I feel is if I found a long lost family member. My family is indigenous to the Arizona Desert. I am Xicana and Chiricahua Apache, Pima, White Mountain Apache, Yaqui Decent. 

My ancestors have found me, they speak to me through my work. They give me direction and guidance. My paintings consist of bright bold colors and patterns giving an authentic feel to it. I like to be culturally and spiritually symbolic.  My murals embodies the aesthetic and ideals of the Chicano art movement set within a contemporary context while reflecting on the current political and social climate, it presents a dialectic between art and society. My goals as a muralist and painter is to keep touching on subjects that will provide immediate awareness, education and healing.