Past & Present Murals

2015 Colibri Immigration Mural Project with Justseeds Artist 

2016 Lucha Sin Fin Coachella Walls with Mata Ruda 

2016 Gateways to Newark Mural Project New Jersey

2017 La Marea with Mata Ruda Phoenix

2017 Santa Anna Mural with Mata Ruda & GAIA Yuma 

2017 Mujeres Del Desierto Mural Phoenix

2017 Phoenix Cultura Mural South Phoenix

2017 Spiritual Blessings Wall Therapy Mural Project NY

2018 Carolinas commission Mural GoodYear, AZ 

2018 Colors of La Comunidad Mural project South Phx, AZ 

2018 O+ Positive Mural Project Kingston, NY 

2018 AZ Desert Commission Mural Phoenix AZ

2018 Borderlands Mural 2018 Yuma, AZ 

2018 Music Mural Commission Phoenix AZ 

2019 Endangered Species Mural Project Yuma AZ 

2019 ACLU Nationwide Community Mural Phoenix az

2019 1 1.5 Mural Project Phoenix, AZ 

Current Projects

Colors of La Comunidad is a project that advocates change through art. Our mission is to empower, motivate and inspire our communities.